Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Wednesday What's It

Family stuff

Here is a pic of the (carrier?) bag found in a loft. It shows my great grandfathers shop in Bath. The bag has been taken out of the protective frame, photographed and the image sent to me, courtesy Dave Ebbrell.

And here is a copy of the first page of my great, great, great, great grandfathers will (it does go on a bit!)written in 1804.

I have found out much more of the family history in the last week or two, with help from Dave, David & the Rev'd Greville Thomas of St. Mary's Church, Northolt where there are gravestones of Beck, Stone & Harbroe. Isn't this one of the sweetest little Churches! From the web page 'St Mary's in Northolt, Middlesex is probably one of the most picturesque churches in one of the most picturesque settings in Middlesex. The church is built on a small hill overlooking a medieval green, and surrounded by green fields- giving it the same village setting, and feel, that it has had for over seven hundred years.

The nave was built around 1290, and extended in 1521 when the chancel and sanctuary were added. The bell tower and spire was added in the sixteenth century, whilst the gallery which now houses the organ was built in 1703. Buttresses have been added to the exterior on numerous occasions. The latest being the two large ones on the west wall which were added in 1718 because it was thought that the Church was slipping down the hill. From the early 13th century, right up until 1873 the Rector for St Mary's was the Bishop of London and performed such duties as attending the executions of Mary Queen of Scots and King Charles I. In recent years the parish became the first one in the country to appoint a female Rector, the Revd Pamela Walker who was ordained in St Paul's.'

image courtesy the Rev'd Greville Thomas

Now I just have to update the family tree.

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Stephanie V said...

Isn't genealogy research addictive? It's nice that you have some real souvenirs, too. Is the carrier bag made of paper? It's wonderful that it survived all these years.