Friday, November 06, 2009

Skywatch Friday (Season 4 Episode 17)

All together now, start singing those notes.

While they were all singing their heads off, this one felt like a look in the kitchen window.

Lots of skies to look at here. (263 before me, same as last wee. GO LOOK.


J Bar said...

Great galah shots.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

uproad said...

oh, such sweet photos! the first looks indeed like a music sheet!

Lucy Corrander said...

That's amazing Angie! Are they very familiar and ordinary to you? To have a bird like this come and look in our windows would be the event of a decade!

The starlings where I live are gathering in flocks and flying round and round, ready to migrate. I'm not sure whether they are practising ready for their long flights or making themselves visible so others who want to join the convoy can locate the starting point.

It's one of the regular things of nature which happen all the time but which always manage to surprise me, none the less - like clouds.


Stephanie V said...

That's perfect. Any chance these notes belong to "Bird on a Wire"?

Mo said...

ooh they are rather cheeky

eileeninmd said...

Very cute. And I love the peeping Tom bird. Great photos.

April said...

I love your little rosy friend - maybe he's hoping to get a seed. Beautiful sky watch picture with all the musical notes!

Dhemz said...

very well captured....awesome shots! mine is up too...:)

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