Sunday, November 15, 2009

Talking 'bout Books

Have already forgotten what ‘Her Fathers House’ was about! I have just this minute finished ‘Walk in my Shoes’. It is going to be difficult to review/critique this book at our book club as the author is a friend and a member and she will be at the meeting next Tuesday!
I have been noticing that the comment moderation words are almost getting to be interesting!
What would these 3 mean if they were real words?


Sam said...

Patebonf is when your father hits you on the head. Vessyna is an underwear garment, and Raterapp is a large trap for more than one rat.

Stephanie V said...

How interesting (yet awkward) to have the author at your book club. It always amazes me that, with a close magnifying glass, we can see so many things that the author never knew she intended. Wonderful to have the author right there to share and explain.
I love those verification words. So much fun to play around with the sounds.

Diane AZ said...

Those are interesting comment moderation words. I keep meaning to write down some of the silly ones I see. Happy Raterapp! :D

Angie said...

And today there were