Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Wednesday What's It

Yesterday I planted the Aubergines and Squash which were seeded in toilet rolls and showing two leaves. It rained last night and my garbage bins were full again. This morning was cloudy so I quickly put down my other foursquare box & filled it with the straw I was given. Now what??? If I can't grow anything in the box then I suppose I could cook a casserole (would it be the same as a 'hay box'?)Any ideas?
We had a lot more rain, the house is smelling of fresh bread and biscuits and in the mail today were the two calendars I ordered from Vista Print (12 of my digital images) and two postcards. I'm thrilled to bits.

The only bad news is that DELL COMPUTERS have not delivered the goods, not to Western Australia at least don't know about the rest off the world. Fed up with waiting!!! Shame on you DELL.

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diane said...

Justbeenbrowsing through your interesring blog. Your vegy patch loos great. I'm still trying o get mine going.