Friday, March 19, 2010

Baby Dugite

This pretty little thing was caught in my bedroom!!

The Dugite is probably the most common snake seen in this area. Body colours vary from pale sandy, grey/brown to dark black, with dark scales speckled through the skin and a cream underbelly. Young dugites are about 30cm in length when hatched and can grow to reach 2 metres. When hatched the young dugite is a pale olive green colour with a distinctive herringbone pattern and a dark black head.
Dugites are extremely shy and will not confront unless provoked, with young dugites often being ‘strikey’ in self-defence. They can be safely scooped into a bucket and released somewhere safe.

But not by me!!! I called Gary the snake man who really didn't want to come out, he was 25 minutes away & he may not be able to find it plus it would cost me $50. "I don't care - just come!" He told me to close the door of the room it was in & put a towel across the gap. O.K. done that. I didn't know where Ebony was, just hoped she wasn't in the same room. When Gary arrived we turned towards the closed door when the snake made a slither into my bedroom. Luckily there are not many places for it to hide & Gary grabbed it before it went under the bed.
I have only just stopped shaking!! Don't think I could have stayed in the house if he hadn't caught it. Now I need to have a good clean up & hope none of it's brothers or sisters are around.


Sam said...

Crikey! Hope you don't find any more.

ooglebloops said...

Interesting!!! I wouldn't want to find one in my bedroom - snakes dropping out of the rafters of the barn are enough for me!!!LOL

Stephanie V said...

Scary! I'm not a big fan of snakes - having one in the bedroom would really set me off. Good thing there's a Gary around.

Anonymous said...

A snake? In your bedroom? Ooh no, I'd have been hysterical!! Don't like snakes.

Blue said...

Crikey! I hate snakes, so would have needed help too.