Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Wednesday What's It

A couple of years ago Ebony had 'Idiopathic Vestibular Disease'. Last Sunday I thought she was having another attack. She fell over, then staggered into the bathroom, gave one big howl and collapsed on the floor. I didn't think she was going to make it - how do you find a cats pulse? She was limp and her eyes were blank, a few more little groans and then nothing. I stroked her and put my ear to her tummy but could not feel a heart beat, then she lifted up her head and gave a little mew. Ten minutes later she was sitting up, back to normal, wanting her supper, so it couldn't have been IVD. She will be 16 years old this year.

I've been busy getting ready for the Capricorn Festival. Postcards, Calenders & some digital art.

I'm sure there was other stuff to speak about - if I remember, I'll post later!! (Haven't been taking my fish oil.)
Later - now I remember - a couple of blogs I think are rather good.
and talking about memory, there is this if i remember correctly

Thats all folks!

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Blue said...

Glad Ebony recovered - gentle strokes to her!

The Capricorn Fest. sounds fun - hope you make lots of sales.

Keith of Ramblings rejoined TCT last week after a break, which is great.