Monday, March 15, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday #60

Sweet smelling Frangipani, for friends in the UK.
(named after M. Frangipani 16th century Italian marquis,
inventor of a perfume for scenting gloves).

Mellow Yellow Monday is fun & can be found here. Go have a look.


Manang Kim said...

We call this in the Philippines "Kalachuchi". They smell so sweet too.

What a deal

Vernz said...

Angie, in May where these flowers are its peak, we picked it up along the sideroads and bring it to 'Flores de Mayo' (Flowers of May) it's a religious children's gathering where children offer flowers to Virgin Mary and eat some hearty snacks after ... those were my childhood days here in the Phils.

Mine is up too!
In This Side of Town
Anything Davao

gemini said...

Beautiful Frangipani, in our place its name is Kalachuchi....we make leis out of it. Love it.

Lucy Corrander said...

These look as if they have been made from icing sugar.

Re. Twitter. I clicked a thing where it could contact my contacts on Twitter to ask if I could follow them - so I don't know what you received or what it said. Hope it was appropriate whatever it was. I'm feeling my way with Twitter - finding out about it so I can decide whether or not to use it.


Stephanie V said...

This has such a beautiful always reminds me of Hawaii.

Matty said...

They're very pretty and remind me of Easter.