Thursday, March 25, 2010

True Colours Thursday - CRIMSON

Not CRIMSON but it does have some red in & I like the image!

Just one of the hundreds, if not more, cars damaged in Mondays storm.

To join True Colours Thursday, whose designated blog home is HERE, all you need, is to post a photo/photographs & text, or better still both, on the specified colour of the week.


Blue said...

Seeing Tweedle-Dum & Tweedle-Dee certainly gave me a smile.
That was some awful storm!

Mo said...

Wow that was some storm. Hope you escaped any damage said...

saw the that was not so nice

thanks for the heads up on Gay Bilson, sorry but I was ignorant totally to her and have read some interesting stuff now online...Plenty looks like it just hit the top of my reading list so I am grateful...

the funniest thing is I thought I'll have a look on Book Depository for that...the English book site I buy all my books from cos it's a million times cheaper than going to the bookstore here

and I love your BIO, born Brighton...never returned, tho I have to say I totally understand I have not been back yet I do miss seaside Blighty


Sistertex said...

Sounds like the storm was a doosey! Love the Alice In Wonderland poster. Have you seen the movie...great movie!

Stephanie V said...

Your huge storm even made it on our news here in Vancouver!
I love that poster although the art is certainly edgier than I remember from Disney's Alice - or even Tenniel's illustrations.