Sunday, March 07, 2010

Talking 'bout Books & Shadow Shot Sunday

Poor little doggie trying to find some shade from a skinny pole!
Why do people bring their dogs to a none dog beach, without a bowl of water or a 'poop' bag. Mum went swimming, two kids paddling & Dad rushed up & untied the dog & walked up the beach (not in the direction of the dog beach or drinking water).

To see more 'Shadows' go here.

About books - finished 'The Cat Who Looked at the Sky' by Thea Welsh, loved it! I think only cat people would like this one. The story of three cats, two housholds & the great truths of life.

Also finished 'Absolutely Faking it' by Tiana Templeman. Thirteen luxury hotels, five months...... no money. Very entertaining, true tale of a couple of backpakers who won a trip to stay at 13 of the worlds most exclusive 5* hotels.

Was given another bag full of books.

Now reading 'Falling' by Elizabeth Jane Howard & 'Plenty' (Digressions on Food) by Gay Bilson.

It just crossed my mind - I wonder just how many people read this blog who don't have a blog themselves!


Lindz said...

great shot

Maggie B said...

I liked your shadow shot but was angry when I read about the family leaving that poor dog there in that situation.
Lucky you to receive so many books, looks like Christmas came early!

wanderlust said...

Heavenly looking beach!

Greyscale Territory said...

I totally agree with you about the plight of that dog! It's cruel! And the thin shadow highlights the little one's crisis!

Coffeedoff said...

It looks like a lovely beach. Poor little dog, great shadow though.

ooglebloops said...

Poor dog!!!
Beach and books - looks like you are set for a while!!!:>)

Stephanie V said...

If we report a distressed dog here - eg. left in a hot car, - the SPCA will follow up. I agree with the other commenters, though, it does make a great shadow shot.