Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Today's Flowers #83

Today at Yanchep Community Centre there was a talk on how to save water in your garden. Samples of plants were given out along with free gifts (a bucket, drink bottle, a pen, some leaflets & a small packet of Kangaroo Paw seeds). Such a good talk from a couple of staff from Bunnings, excellent advice on how & what to grow in our sandy soil. I was given a Kennedia beckxlana 'a vigorous twining climber. Large scarlet, yellow-throated, pea-shaped flowers adorn the plant from September to December'. I shall plant it up against the fence.

Oh, I nearly forgot!! The weather has changed & the sea breeze is in. Whoopee!!!


Sam said...


Nice free gifts from Bunnings :-)

Stephanie V said...

What a nice way to encourage gardeners. And, I'm glad that you and the plants have a reprieve from the hot weather. Here is it nothing but water - moss and ferns are doing well right now.

ooglebloops said...

Gives me hope that might eventually see spring here!!! :>) Is Kangaroo's Paw a brand name or a plant?

louisebah said...

Those are lovely macro shots!